Introducing KSYBC Telegram Group

Hi! My name is Oluwakemi Oyefeso and I am the Coach.

Kesabeso:Shape Your Body Community (KSYBC)Telegram Group is a new telegram community set up to help our customers achieve their desired results when waist training with a steel boned corset.

It was created because of the need to bridge the information gap for new "gang members" who were finding it difficult adapting to the concept of waist training.

Immediately you join the "waisted gang" (i.e you buy your corset from our store), you will be added to our KSYBC telegram group.

In the group, you will find the instructional videos on how to put on your corset. Information on why it is important for your corset to be parallel and the video content on how to get it parallel and several other contents and tips on waist training best practices.

The Do's and Don'ts of waist training and several other contents that would help you on your journey and ensure that you have a successful one are provided in the group.

Above all, you will interact with other women who are on the same journey and so you can exchange ideas and ask questions relating to whatever challenge you may be having.

Waist training is a journey. It is best to ensure that you embark on this journey with the right support system. This is what we provide in our community and this is exactly why you need to belong there if you plan to get results from your waist train efforts.

You see, we don't just sell the corset to you, we provide after sale services! What else could be better than this?

Ready to join the waisted gang? Fill your details in the box below and a member of our staff will contact with you within the hour.

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