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#7109 Lipo Lumbar Moulder BBL Post Surgery Back Board

 15,750.00 Exc Vat  16,931.25 Inc Vat

  • Mid-Back and Lumbar Control.
  • Ideal for daily and post-surgical use for a better comfort.
  • Ideal inner garment complement.
  • One Size
  • Material is cotton and lycra
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The new #7109 Lipo Lumbar Moulder BBL Post Surgery Back Board is a post-surgery compression board which is used after cosmetic surgery procedures such as liposuction of the back.
  • This lumbar board adds compression to your back area. The purpose of this action is to define and shape the lumbar area
  • It prevents retention of fluids in the lower back area after the surgical procedure
  • It helps to create a defined arch on your newly sculpted buttocks.
  • And also helps to deflate the surgery area and allows the skin to adhere to the muscle and mold to the body after a surgical procedure.
  • The #7109 Lipo Lumbar Moulder BBL Post Surgery Back Board is perfect for use with any waist trainer or faja of your choice, after surgery or aesthetic treatment, or just for daily use as it gives shape to your back.
  • It helps to improve your surgery results and prevents uncomfortable folds and wrinkles after a surgical procedure.
  • And also helps to keep your back FLAT and free from fluids.
  • It is essential after surgery because it also helps to maintain the necessary compression even when you find yourself deflating or thinning.
  • The internal rigid material of the board is protected and covered with cotton.
  • And the lycra covering provides you with greater comfort and freshness.
  • The external material of the Ann Chery lumbar backboard is soft, fresh, and very comfortable.
  • You will feel the softness of the board while compressing your back.
  • The lumbar backboard helps to reduce inflammation of the back and prevent sagging.
  • The Ann Chery lumbar backboard contributes to the recovery process in aesthetic processes, specifically in the back area.
  • It can be used in combination with the Frontal Abdominal Board
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