Ann Chery 2021 Plain Latex Waist Trainer Cincher


  • Three hook-and-eye closures
  • Felix Boning anchors the cincher and prevents migration
  • Ideal for exercise or daily use.
  • Corrects Posture.
  • High Compression.
  • Reduce up to 5 inches in waist.
  • Reduces waistline with continued use.
  • Quite Comfortable, so encourages prolonged wear.
  • Exterior Layer: Natural Latex rubber 100% Lining: Cotton 91%, Spandex 9%

Size Guide Ann Chery 3 Hooks Waist Trainer

The picture below shows how you will measure your length which is the same as your torso.   If the length is 13inches then you'll do Regular After getting your torso measurement, you need to find out your waist @ belly button measurement.
Using a tailor's tape, measure around your belly button as shown in the image below Whatever you measure in inches is your Ann Chery waist trainer size. If you measure 36 inches as waist @ belly button and 13 inches as torso length then your size is a Large If your measurement is an odd number like 33 inches, for instance, then round it up to 34 inches (or 32 inches if you desire to size down for higher compression). Which means your size is Medium. NOTE: You can go 1-2 inches lower if you want a higher compression but we do not advise that you go down more than that because of your comfort.
Size Waist in Inches Torso Length
XS 28-30 12-13
S 32 12-13
M 34 12-13
L 36 12-13
XL 38 12-13
XXL 40 12-13
XXXL 42 12-13
XXXXL 44 12-13
XXXXXL 46 12-13


Ann Chery 2021 Plain Latex Waist Trainer Cincher is Ann chery’s plain latex high compression waist trainer which helps flatten your tummy and give you and hourglass shape.
  • It is a superior waist trainer that helps to accelerate weight loss through high compression and micro massage.
  • This steel boned cincher will also help you get that figure you’ve always wanted.
  • It instantly lifts your bust.
  • And also helps in shaping and slimming the body.
  • It flattens your stomach and gives you a slimmer waist.
  • For best results, it is recommended that you wear this waist cincher for  6-8 hours every day.
  • It also combines function and beauty into one.
  • This all-time favorite offers firm compression while molding the shape of your body over time.
  • And unlike most other shapewear which only smoothens your lumps and bumps. This latex waist trainer redefines your waistline, giving you a fabulous hourglass figure instantly.
  • Ann Chery 2021 Plain Latex Waist Trainer Cincher is ideal for waist training.
  • It is also perfect for postpartum and post-surgical recovery.
  • And also for everyday use.
  • It can be used with our Ann chery Osmotic Body wrap**
  • 100 % high-quality medical Latex
  • Cotton lining
  • 3-hooks and eye closure to fit your size
  • Back and midsection control
  • increase thermal activity
  • High compression
  • Visibly reduced waist line ( 2-3 inches)
  • 4 steel bones
  • Excellent support to corrects your posture
Additional information

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

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